Voile Draping




Voile fabric is a beautiful fabric with great texture and body, and is the most popular choice among weddings. Whether using for just a backdrop or arch, or draping an entire venue’s perimeter, voile is the clear choice when you want to create a whimsical elegance. While this fabric is semi-transparent, with the lights dimmed, it will create a smooth and elegant canvas, allowing your other decor to shine.  Offered in several colors, we have a voile to fit every type and style of wedding and event. If you don’t see the color you’re looking for here, be sure to ask! It may be new to our inventory or something we can bring in for you.

Pricing is per foot.

Rent in sections of 4-14 feet.

Includes all hardware for installation.

Easy installation

Colored Voile is offered in limited quantities. For large venue draping projects, we recommend white voile.

Pipe and drape is very easy to install and pricing does not include installation. We do however, offer installation as an additional service. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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Black, White