*If you aren’t looking for a full consultation where we walk you through all the items you need step by step, please don’t hesitate to just give us a quick call! We are happy to chat with you. If we are unavailable, you can leave a voicemail and we will call you back shortly, no consultation necessary.

If you already know which items you’re looking to book, please send us an email and we can start the booking process. All of our bookings are done digitally and a digital contract will be emailed to you to finalize the booking.

A Phone Consultation May Be Right For You If Any Of These Describe You:

  • Your schedule is limited or you live outside of the travel area to Red Deer
  • You already have a general idea, or know exactly what items you’d like to book
  • You’d like to get a preliminary quote before you come in for an in person consultation to choose your specific items
  • You have several questions that would be easiest to answer over the phone rather than email, but don’t need an in person consultation
  • You aren’t sure of what exactly you’d like yet, but would be happy with receiving a few photos and or swatches of different color combinations that meet your desired style  discussed during the phone consultation.

An In Person Consultation May Be Right For You If Any Of These Describe You:

  • You’d like to see specific textures and colors in person
  • You are unsure of design ideas for your wedding and would like to see different set ups in person
  • You have other people who would like to be involved in the rental process and would like to be there to help you choose your rentals
  • You’d simply like to meet us in person

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