Booking Process

1) Pick everything you need for your event. As a small business our biggest strength is our customer service, so please don’t hesitate to call or email us so we can assist you in picking all the perfect items. Consultations are always free, as many as you need until its perfect.

2) Our rentals include Friday to Monday, additional days may be requested in advance and are subject to availability.

2) Pay your 50% non refundable booking retainer. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or etransfer. Credit card payments are available, subject to a 3% administration fee. Please note, your items are not considered booked until your retainer is received. Once your items are booked, you are able to change your numbers by 10% (for example if you booked 100 chairs, you may reduce your booking by 10 chairs.), these changes must be done no later than 2 weeks before your event.

Etransfer | Password: ‘copper’

Cheque or Cash | please contact us for address

3) We will call you before your event to obtain a valid credit card number for our files in case any damages occur during your rental. This is stored in our secure accounting software and we are unable to see the details of your card after we enter them.

4) Verify your numbers 2 weeks before your event. If your numbers have not changed from your original invoice, no need to call, we will leave everything as is.

5) Ensure final payment has been sent before pick up or delivery occurs. We recommend sending your final payment a week or two in advance so there are no issues on your rental delivery/pickup day.

6) We will contact you approximately 1 week before your event to schedule your pick up time or delivery time, and provide you with our address. Please note, delivery times are approximate, and while we do try to work with delivery time requests, delivery slots are subject to availability. Our delivery slots are available between 8-4pm on Friday and 10-6pm on Sunday.

7) Ensure that all items are cared for according to their specific instructions below. Drop offs are anytime between 10-4 on the Monday following your event. (Tuesday on long weekends.) We are closed on Sunday and will not accept drop offs. If you require that your items be removed by Sunday, please schedule for a delivery pick up.

8) Please allow us the opportunity to fix any issues before your event. While we pride ourselves on superior quality, unforeseen issues can arise, and given the opportunity, we will do anything we can to correct any issues.

9) We will contact you if there are any damages or missing items. In peak season, this may take up to 3 weeks.


Item Care Guide

General Rental Care:

Items should be packaged for return the way they were received, except for linens which may be bagged.

If we have booked in for a delivery, please ensure items are in one location as close to the door as possible. Items that are not in the same location may be missed and you will be responsible for returning. You do not need to be present for the pick up, but please ensure that you have left us the door code, key location or contact person’s information if you will not be there.

Items not used do not qualify for a refund. Any issues or damages with your rentals must be brought to our attention before your event, damaged or missing items not brought to our attention before the event may result in loss or damage charges.

Items should never be stored outside in the rain. Anything from chairs to linens can mildew or mold if exposed to long periods of moisture.


All chairs (except economy chairs) must be transported in an enclosed trailer. Please note, a stock trailer is not considered an enclosed trailer, this is to protect the chairs and keep them clean for you rental. Food residue will stain chair cushions, please ensure any food or drink that is spilled on chairs is wiped clean.

Chiavari chairs must be transported with cushions off and covers on, we provide a complimentary load bar for your use to ensure chairs do not tip over during transport. For deliveries ensure that chairs are stacked in stacks of 5 and by the door with covers on and cushions off.


Protect your linens from candle wax, candle wax can not be removed from linens. Do not bag wet linens, mold and mildew will occur. Bag linens in a clear bag whenever possible to prevent linens from accidentally being mistaken for trash. Remove any zip ties, pins, ribbon or decor, these can cause damage to linens in transport and laundering. Please do not fold linens, the rental experience is meant to be as easy as possible for you, so simply pack into a bag and return.


Scrape food from dishes. No rinsing or washing required. Ensure glass racks are transported flat, transporting at an angle may result in breakage.