Planning Your Catering Rentals

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Planning Your Catering Rentals

Catering items may or may not be something you need to worry about for your wedding. We recommend checking with your venue or caterer first to decide whether or not you should be adding rentals to your order. It’s important to clarify what items your caterer/venue will be including in your package, and if there are any additional charges for these items.

On this page you’ll find a great checklist of catering items you should consider for your fundraiser, wedding or other event. We’ve also included some questions for your caterer, as well as some answers to commonly asked questions about renting catering items from us. We hope you find this a great resource, however please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions about your rentals!

Catering Rentals Checklist

This is a quick and simple checklist that will help you ensure you have what you need for a standard dinner. All of these items can be rented from Copper Cloud Events if they aren’t provided by your venue or caterer.

  • Dinner Plate
  • Salad Plate
  • Dessert Plate
  • Side Plate
  • Bowl
  • Cutlery- Dinner Fork, Salad Fork, Knife, Spoon, Dessert Spoon
  • Wine Glass
  • Water Glass
  • Champagne Flute
  • Specialty Glassware- Hi-ball Glass, Brandy Snifter, Beer Glass etc.
  • Water Jugs, Carafes, or Beverage Dispensers
  • Coffee & Tea Urn
  • Cups & Saucers
  • Cream Carafe & Sugar Bowl
  • Chafing Dishes & Pans
  • Serving Utensils

Questions For Your Caterer:

Almost all hotels and venues that offer in house catering will include everything you will need. If you are using an off site caterer, there is a wide range of things that are offered or included. Be sure to ask what your caterer/venue provides, and what the cost is for each item.

You can use our handy checklist below to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Most caterers will provide set up of the items that they provide, however you should clarify this with your vendor. If your caterer does not provide set up, you may want to ask when you are able to pick up the catering rentals (glassware, cutlery etc.) so that you can set up yourself. Don’t forget that if you’re wanting photographs of your wedding tables with a full place setting, you should ensure that it will be set in time for your event photographer to capture this.

Every caterer has their own flow for how and when they will remove items such as glassware. It’s important to clarify this with your caterer if you have a preference for your guests to keep their glassware until the end of the wedding reception. If your caterer is unable to accommodate your desired time frame, Copper Cloud Events offers inexpensive glassware rentals.

Make sure you have plates and cutlery for the cake. This is one of the most overlooked dinnerware rental items for weddings.

Depending on the type of service your caterer offers, you can ask them about water service for your event. Will your caterer fill your water glasses before dinner? If not, we recommend reaching out to your professional bartender to fill the water glasses, and carafes before dinner. Does your caterer provide carafes, jugs or water dispensers? If not, these can easily be added to your rental order.

Ask your caterer if they will provide a coffee & tea station and if it will include cups.  Will they leave the items overnight so guests can enjoy hot beverages after the caterer leaves?


Summed up in one sentence? Because no one wants to wash dirty plates, or 200 wine glasses the day after their wedding. That’s a bit blunt, but truly, the cost of renting is so low, and so worth it. You wash nothing, you worry about nothing. Everything comes packaged and ready to use, and when you’re done, you just send it away.

If you need any last minute additions or removals, it’s simple to change your order without any stress.

Best of all, it’s environmentally friendly. Our high efficiency commercial dishwasher washes our rentals with ease, and our inventory is used again and again, keeping our landfills empty.

So many wins.

No! This is joy of renting. You simply scrape off food, and return in the provided packaging, and we take care of the rest. Yes, it’s that easy.

We, at Copper Cloud Events, provide appropriate packaging for your rentals, including glass racks and specialty sized crates. Generally if you package your rentals the same way as you received them, they are protected from damage. It’s very important that everything is secured and transported flat in your vehicle or trailer.

We offer our clients and equipment protection plan that will help protect you in the event of breakage or damage. This is strongly recommended. If you choose to decline the protection plan, or if the damages exceed the plan, you will be required to pay for the replacement of the items. Generally, this is not common, and a small expense.

While we always recommend using glassware for your place settings and guest tables, your bar may be a different story. If you don’t have a dishwasher on site, you will need to rent enough glassware for the entire evening. If you choose not to rent enough glassware for the entire event, we recommend utilizing clear biodegradable cups (available for purchase from Copper Cloud Events).

Some Catering Basics

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