Offered in two colors, our vase set rental is the perfect choice for a round or banquet table. Add vase sets to the sides of your chairs at your ceremony for a beautiful aisle marker or spread across your head table. Mixing different heights and shapes adds interest to your table, and whatever you fill the vases with defines your style. Add some wildflowers, roses or any other flower you love, and watch these vases come to life. Offered in a set of 6, you can choose to separate these sets or use all on a single table.

Choosing to rent your centerpiece is the perfect choice to keep your event stress free. At Copper Cloud Events, we will help you calculate the number of tables and centerpieces you will need for your guest list. Need to add a set or take some off? No problem! When you rent you have the flexibility to adjust your numbers as needed, so you’re never short or stuck with extras.

Not sure how this will fit in your decor? We’d love to have you in for a complimentary consultation where you can see these items in person. Contact us today to book yours!

Set of Six

2 1/2 ” w x 10 1/2 ” h

2 3/4″ w?x 6″ h

2 3/4″ w?x 7 1/2″ h

2 3/4″ w?x 8″ h

3″ w x 4 1/2″

*Approximate Measurements*

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Blue, Clear