Chiavari Chair Rental:

Copper Cloud Events is excited to offer a great rental selection of chiavari chairs for event and weddings in Central Alberta. We currently offer chiavari chair rentals in three different colors: Gold, Clear (Crystal) and White. We offer these carefully selected colors, to ensure enough versatility to incorporate chiavari chairs into any color palette. Use these colors seamlessly throughout your venue or as a stunning accent piece at a head table or focal point.

Choosing a chiavari chair rental, offers an upscale and refined appearance to your event. A chiavari chair is a timeless and elegant impact; ensure that carefully captured event moments are just as beautiful in 20 years as they are today.

A white chiavari chair is the perfect chair rental to add an elegance and brightness to your event. White chiavari chairs brighten a room and are the perfect accent to most color palettes. Have you seen white chiavari chairs in a wedding tent? The impact is amazing!

Every white chiavari chair rental include a premium white vinyl hardback cushion. In addition, we offer black cushion slip covers at no extra charge for even more versatility.

To add even more shine to your white chiavari chairs, consider adding one of our beautiful sashes.

The Copper Touch:

Our chiavari chairs are built with premium resin, therefore have less unsightly scratches than you see with wood or metal. We hand chose our chiavari chairs directly from the manufacturer, selected specifically for the best rental experience. The monobloc design we chose results in strong chairs that have no screws that will loosen causing uncomfortable wobbles or safety issues.  We specifically chose an upgraded hardback cushion. As a result, the included vinyl cushion boasts a smooth and comfortable seating surface, more comfortable than it’s foam counterpart. Furthermore, this style yields a cleaner look, eliminating unsightly velcro ties from the chair backs.

Copper Cloud Events takes great pride in offering a premium chiavari chair rental to our clients. We fix items with unsightly blemishes or remove them from the rental inventory. We simply will not allow a product to leave our store that we wouldn’t be 100% satisfied with at our own event.